Eutectic Plates

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The Eutectic Plate system works on similar principles to an ice pack in an ice chest.

While parked, the refrigeration system is plugged in. The Compressor/Freon system freezes the eutectic solution in the plates/beams to -40°F (for negative temperatures). Once the plates are frozen down, the system shuts off automatically.

For delivery operation, the system is unplugged and the compressor does not run during use. Instead the cold lost by opening doors and removing product is replaced by a heat exchange on the surface of the plates as they slowly thaw. This maintains the temperature inside the box between -31°F and 0°F throughout a delivery day of 10-12 hours.

In addition to frozen applications in ice cream and frozen foods delivery, the eutectic body refrigeration system adapts to refrigerated applications for delivery of fresh products (dairy, meats and vegetables).

The eutectic plate system surpasses the air-blown systems in cost effectiveness. Once frozen, no electricity or fuel is required to maintain stable cold temperature throughout a standard delivery day.


Environment Management Systems (EMS)

EMS at our Occimiano (Italy) facility seek to improve the performance and cooling efficiency of our product for a sustainable commitment to the environment.



The heat exchange of the plates immediately absorbs the heat entering the box on each delivery site, protecting product from thermal “shocks”.
Low operating cost

Low operating cost

No active parts during vehicle operation and independence from the vehicle engine keep maintenance costs very low.
Safe operation

Safe operation

Operation is easy. Simply connect the power supply and start the refrigeration unit with the push of a button. The unit stops automatically when the plates reach temperature.

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