How many hours can a delivery route last with a body using eutectic plates?

The delivery route can run 8 to 12 hours depending on door management and still return frozen.

How long does “recharging” the plates take?

The first time the body is connected to the electric plant, the unit must run for at least twenty hours to achieve total solidification of the eutectic solution, while subsequent recharges require only 6 to 8 hours.

What temperatures do we have inside the bodies?

After the recharge period, if the unit was stopped by the thermostat, the ambient temperature inside the body is about –33°C (-27°F). Consequently, the delivery service starts at this temperature, and returns from the route with an inside temperature of about -20°C (-4°F).

What products can be delivered by a refrigerated body with eutectic plates?

The low temperature (-33°C) eutectic refrigerated bodies are the ideal way to deliver ice cream, frozen vegetables and meats, frozen pastries and frozen ready dishes. The mid-temperature refrigerated bodies (0/+4°C) can be used for delivery of dairy products, meat, fresh vegetables, juices, etc.

Can a refrigerated body with eutectic plates only be used to deliver ice cream?

No, we can produce a multi-temperature body with two or more operating temperatures. The body will be divided into different compartments each with a fixed temperature (low temp at –33°C, mid-temp at 0/+4°C or isothermal i.e. without refrigeration or dry storage).

Do bodies with eutectic plates need a lot of maintenance?

From a comparative study with blown air refrigerating units (like Carrier or Thermo King) we have learned that refrigerated bodies with eutectic plates need up to 60% less maintenance than the blown air type systems.

Do eutectic bodies cause pollution?

During delivery service the refrigerating unit is not running, consequently there are no polluting emissions. Studies on the refrigerating plant have increased the output during the recharging cycle so as to reduce electric consumption. The high insulating capacity of the body reduces cold dispersion, and consequently shortens the recharging period. Cold Car is very sensitive to ecology. That is why we conduct important studies to improve the body from an ecological point of view.

To produce a custom body, is it necessary to send the chassis cab to Cold Car?

No, our technical department only require the technical drawing of the chassis cab with the indication of the make, model and wheelbase in order to produce the body.

Is it very complicated to install the body on the chassis cab?

The bodies are always equipped with a sub-frame that matches the chassis cab’s frame, consequently the fitting operation is quite simple. A crane is necessary to lift the body and, after having placed the body on the chassis cab, the mounting bolts are tightened, the electrical plug is mounted and electric cables connected to the switch for the interior lights.

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